“ It is now possible to position our server solution for schools and small broadcasters, and at the same time continue to serve larger market and cable stations by offering the flexibility and compatibility to choose the best matched brand name video hardware to suit a particular station's needs and budget. Marex has also brought us an expansion of top of the line features and control of both incoming and outgoing video streams, without the need to hire more programmers and without having to make a large capital and R&D expenditure.”

David Gerstmann
WireReady NSI



“ Marex was recommended by one of the major I/O card manufacturers. Marex set up our programmers for the evaluation and the features available added more than we expected. Michel and his team willingness to accommodate additional features we would need for future plans and the technical support we received during the development and early production roll out were outstanding. We are excited with what we have been able to accomplish in such a short time period. We are looking forward to the our next project with Marex.”

Wesley V. Crenshaw
President and COO
Blueline Technology, Inc.



“ After a decade of working with Marex, we continue to benefit from the dedication, quality and responsiveness that Michel and his team contribute to the successful development of our products. It's not just about writing code, it's about a passion for creating timely solutions that work. Thank you, Marex for being a partner to our achievements.”

Lana Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
ONTrack Media and Entertainment Inc.



“ Having worked with Marex over the past 6 years, we continue to be impressed by the broadcasting and software development expertise, accessibility and reliability that Michel and his team bring to every project we work on together. The high level of customer service and quick turn around has been a marked advantage in our product development cycles. Integrating Marex's products allowed us to focus on our core competencies in developing our products for a fast-to-market strategy. Above all, the key factor in choosing Marex is that the products work and work very well. We will continue to leverage Michel and his team in our product road map.”

Sherman Wilcox
Software Dept. Manager
Baron Services Inc.



“ The work by Marex on our project was beyond exemplary, it was done incredibly well, totally professional and we couldn’t be happier with the entire process.  The knowledge of the Marex staff, not only in software, but in the general workings of the software business, contributed so much to our project and it’s successful launch.  We look forward to having Marex as our partner and advisor going forward in all future projects.”

Steve Platter
Stage Sync Software, Inc.